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Text Types – One Indicator of Social Development

As society develops, new communication tools are emerging. Thus, new types of text are also formed. The latest text types are email and text messages.

The newspaper is a compilation of different types of text: on the cover or on the first page there are news, first letter headlines and possible overhead articles, later on dictionaries, literary reviews and columns.

Text types are well-established texts
Text types are realizations of text types. They are the real texts we read and write.

Each type of text has a well-established structure of its own. For example, at the beginning of a message of opinion, it is often the thing or the flaw that is written that is written, followed by the justification of its own view, and finally the wish or the direction of action. In the news, however, the main thing is first stated, unlike, for example, a scientific presentation in which the research result is usually presented only in the conclusions.

Many types of text also often have well-established content, which readers also expect from the text. For example, a literature review is expected to locate the work to be judged by the writer of the author who wrote it and, secondly, in the field of his own literary literature.

Further, it is expected that the review will write about the structure and content of the book and will highlight who the book is intended for and to whom it may be recommended.


Newspapers and many magazines for a wider audience and more limited readership publish reviews. Newspapers include, for example, theater, literary and concert reviews. Many scientific journals, on the other hand, criticize research in the field, eg new dissertations.

Usually, the work to be judged is found in the literature in its literature or science, and as part of the author’s other production. In addition, the review presents the structure and content of the work. The primary purpose of the review is to present the work, but the review can be quite critical if necessary.

However, criticism of criticism must be justified, and it must be balanced by the merits of the work. Usually, the review also recommends that the work is done by a readership and at the end of the review is often the subject of an overall assessment.

In scientific contexts, writing a review is also a contribution to scientific discussion. It is the comment of the expert reader on the published research. Reviews also keep up-to-date with many researchers who do not have the time to read all the publications in the field.